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The key is Time Management!

22/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


Yep! Stop scratching your head or pulling your hair! Read along!

We complain about not having enough time all the time. The key is time management. Unless you are the Doctor and have the Tardis! (in which case - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) But seriously though, don't you just wish that you have more time to do anything? No matter it's for school, work, having fun, or doing nothing, there just isn't enough time! This is such a fun topic to explore - time. People are always running out of time, being so busy that they don't even know what they are busying for. Hong Kong people especially so. We all want more time yet how are we going to actually get more time? It's true that we won't be getting 25 hours a day anytime soon, but we can follow these steps below to better organize out time to make more time ourselves. ;-)

Time to begin: (teheh)

#1 - Set Goals

You can't just live an aimless life, right? This is the first step into using your time well (including  the activity of doing nothing). Make sure your goals are specificmeasurableattainable, relevant and time-bound. Be realistic about your goals. Give yourself an incentive for achieving goals.

#2 - Figure Out Your Priorities

After sorting your goals out, time to identify the to-dos which is the most crucial for success as it is an important part of the process.

You don’t need to think extremely big picture with this—although you can if you want to. Instead, when you sit down to crank out work for your chosen activity, take a minute to think about your most important action items for that time period. What things do you need to get done in order to feel accomplished at the end of your work session? Jot those things down, everything you want to get done in the day, and begin with only those.

It’s an elementary concept. But when you’re busy, your mind can become clouded and it’s all too easy to begin running around from project to project just attempting to put out as many fires as possible. Start small, start simple. Go through and number the items in order of their importance. Learning to identify what’s important to you (work-related or not) is a key for a balanced schedule.

#3 - Sleep At Least 7-8 Hours Each Night

Hahahah ... this is actually very funny. I will admit it.

But seriously though, HAVE. ENOUGH. SLEEP. PLEASE. Feeling awake and refreshed means you work much more efficiently than if you are tired and sluggish. That's a fact. Plus, it's your own body, why would you rather waste the money you earned (right after you sorted out your precious time) for the medicine bills in the future?

#4 - Schedule and Plan Everyday

It's a totally different world when you actually follow through with what you have planned.

First, you can try making a schedule. A weekly schedule or timetable is so useful. And then you can Plan everyday - Taking a short amount of time each morning to plan your day will cause you to be a lot more productive, because you know exactly what you have to complete that day.

#5 - To-Do List Is A Go

Make a To-Do Lists. I for one will never accomplish something unless I write it down. For whatever reason, seeing something listed with a blank box next to it just gives me that much more motivation to get it done knowing I can check it off at the end of the task. Tip: Use colored pens and pencils to differentiate tasks (i.e. blue for school, green for work, pink for appointments, etc.) At the same time, give your tasks/assignments time limits - Setting limits on times for tasks will make it easier to keep to your schedule. It’s easy for tasks to just keep dragging on and on. A limit will prevent this happening, increasing your efficiency.

#6 - Focus and Block Out Distractions

Focus on your task, your task ONLY. Log off social media. use a website/app blocker if you have to. Scrolling through tumblr can wait. Get the important and urgent things done first!! You also need to Block out distractions - Hide your phone, turn off the wifi, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your bedroom/study door - do whatever you need to so that you can work uninterrupted, and fully focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Trust me, the feeling of realizing that you've successfully finished the task at hand due to pure self discipline is so worth it!

#7 - There's Always Time For Exercise, Admit It

Unfortunately, when our schedules fill up exercise is one of the first things to completely fall off the calendar. Our weekly pilates class or time on the treadmill is quickly replaced with a meeting or other professional obligation. But, making enough time to stay active is not only important for your body—it’s crucial for your mind too. It's your body, you get one of it, so take good care it.

Plus exercise is an extremely effective stress-reducer. It releases endorphins, which boost your mood and can even inspire additional productivity! So, make an effort to set aside at least a few blocks of time each week in order to get moving. It’ll make you feel better—I promise!

#8 - Start NOW!

There won't be 10 ways or 10 tips or something so regular like that, I mean, 8 points are enough! Action speaks louder than words and the amount of tips that you read!

Stephen King said, “The scariest moment is just before you start.”  So, do it now!


Oh time, what a mysterious concept,

Angela <3

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