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J'aime la vie (en France) !

22/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


J'aime la vie ! Oui oui ... Yeah ... I love life (if you haven't already known by now) - particularly though, I really do love life in France.

Today, I'm going to share some of my personal experience associated with French - one way or another, from my French teacher in my University, my French friend who is just so awesome and hilarious and, well, French; and my French adventures.


I remember when I was in university, one of the courses I took was about the "culture" around the world. It was a truly inspiring course, by the way, I loved it. And my professor was talking about how you can get a glimpse of the culture of the nation by how they park their cars. Yeah. She proceeded to show us a video of how a French person parked his car versus how a German person parked his car. the video was hilarious, and, when I come to think of it, it was actually quite true. Now, by no mean I'm mocking nor making fun of any of the nation and their citizens - I truly love both of them, so much - in fact, I'm learning both of these languages at the moment. (Yeah. B-) ) My point is, my professor at one point made this remark regarding the French "poor" skill in parking, which has now stuck in my brain:

"Yes ... perhaps the French are too busy being passionate about other things."

And I totally agree with her.


They are truly the experts in living a life.

You just gotta admire their seamless fashion sense. The French are just so effortlessly cool and frustratingly stylish. Everyone - literally, everyone - walking down the street in Paris is like they are walking down a runway: tall, handsome, beautiful, chic, classy ... these positive descriptions are endless. And I promise you that I'm not just saying that for the sake of saying that nor conforming into any stereotypes - this is my actual personal experience in Paris. I'm still reeling from the shock and the pure sublimeness this day.

The French are by no means perfect. However, their approach to life is definitely more focused and less cluttered. They are nonchalantly generous, casual, open-minded; they pay attentions to details, but they simply do not mind nor care nor fuss over trivia. Some people might misunderstand that as them being cold or rude; but I would say that they are just so non-judgmental, accepting and remarkably chilled. There is no need for worry as long as there is wine! (Kidding! But seriously!) I suppose they honestly just want you to enjoy life and keep doin' what you're doin'.


Another thing is that they have dinner so late and they have it for over 2 hours. Why else would you think that there are cafes literally everywhere in France? I heard that there is this culture that they would never come to your table to do something ever so slightly as a hint for you to leave or anything like that when they see that you've finished your meal. (which is a normal thing to do in Hong Kong. *Sighs*) They simply let you stay and continue your conversation with your friends, or leave you alone with your own business - and I just love this so much. This is the respect and care that we deserve, instead of getting rudely glared at by the other customers who are tapping their feet waiting to commandeer your seat the moment you stand up. Again, the French just want you to enjoy and keep doin' what you're doin'. ;-)

They are passionate about life itself and enjoy the simple, but truly important things. They are more interested in your personal interests, such as the books you're reading, your lifelong passions or your dreams, rather than your occupation and where you live. They find great gratification in the art of discovery in a big city. Truly living the artistic life, they appreciate the beauty in life and understand that in the end, the true meaning in life is not about the amount of material things we own nor is it about what we do and how much money an business deals we make ... What is important is to live a passionate life, especially with those who matter most. Life is too precious to waste by ignoring those in front of us.

We hear about their lifestyles a lot, and we are sometimes exposed to the most surface things about the French and then we go and fantasize about how it is like living in Paris, drinking wine, eating baguette, talking a stroll to Tour d'EIffel ... but for real though, you can really learn a lot from the French.

So, let's live and keep doing what we're thinking is important in life and keep spreading the love. <3


2016 has been a rough year for France. (In fact, for the world as well.) Turning on the news everyday and it's almost all negative news. It is devastating seeing what happened to France and what is keep happening in the world. Those attacks were downright evil and utterly vicious that there is no excuse at all for these terrible acts towards all the innocent lives. Regardless of history or past events, there is simply no reason for voluntarily taking any life away. No reason.

No one is perfect in this world - better yet, we celebrate the uniqueness of each and every person on this planet. What matters now is the present. The choices that a person makes nowadays. France, to me, will always be love. And therefore, France, as well as the citizens from the around the globe, will win this fight, and live this life, with love.

J'aime la vie !


Lots of love,

Angela <3

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