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FAQ: Privacy and Security


Is the data I share when I make a purchase on Heartful twist secure?

We value and understand the importance of your privacy. We work hard to ensure that your personal details are secure and are not released voluntarily, or without your permission, to a third party organization. To learn more about how we keep your details safe, please see Heartful Twist Privacy Statement HERE.

Do you keep my credit card details?

For a fuss-free check-out experience, the option for you to save your Credit Card details, such as your name and Credit Card number, is available. Your Credit

Card’s verification code, however, is not saved for privacy and security purposes.

Will my personal details and information be released or sold to third parties?

Your privacy and your trust are important to us. Your information and details will not be sold or passed to any third party. Read more about how we protect the

details you value here.

What are cookies? Do I need to enable cookies when I shop on Heartful twist?

Cookies are the name of small amounts of data that is sent from a website to your browser and are stored on your computer's hard drive. Your browser's preferences usually have 'cookies enabled' (meaning each website can send its own cookie to your browser). Cookies cannot access your personal information, but instead use anonymous unique identifiers to allow information to be passed from a website to your browser, and vice versa.

To shop on Heartful Twist, you would need to enable the cookies on your browser in order to add products to the shopping cart and to access your

Heartful twist account information. If you are using a public computer, or share your computer with others, be sure to log out before leaving your computer

unattended to protect your account information. You can log out by clicking the 'logout' link in the top right hand corner of the page. To find out more about how we

use cookies, please see our "Heartful Twist Privacy Statement" here.

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