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About Heartful Twist

  1. Profile

“Heartful Twist introduces a little heartfelt wit in your life.”

Leonardo, Director of Heartful twist

Heartful Twist is an easy-access, interactive lifestyle shopping destination where chic-conscious customers can find products from not only their own brand Knit BonBons, but from around the world -- from trendy knitted fashion accessories, cutting-edge kitchenware, family friendly garments, outdoor necessities, phone items and gadgets, toiletry, relaxation products, personal care items and much more.

Established in 1989, Heartful Twist is ambitious to offer a premium selection of products from around the globe for busy urban professionals who enjoy a premium quality of life.

We put heart and dedication into our products, with a little twist, a little intricacy, to show the deliberation in the design process, thus the name Heartful Twist.

Heartful Twist is an online retailer, supplier, and a global sales network.

Heartful Twist as an online retailer.

Heartful Twist brings you the very best from our depth of quality items. We specialize in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. The products that feature in Heartful Twist are of high quality from companies with great conscience and respect for ethic; With transparency and no complication in the process of delivery, the products will be in the hands of the customers safe and secure. We are constantly working to improve the online retailer that graces you with comfort and satisfaction. Heartful Twist is more than just clothing and accessories, it delivers supreme shopping experience.

Heartful Twist as a supplier.

Heartful Twist has its own experienced garment manufacturer since 1986. It is a producer and exporter of knitting accessories for gloves, scarf, hat, socks, handbag etc. We are specialized in providing knitting, hand-knitting, hand-crocheted, embroidery and beading products for our own brand Knit BonBons.

With a sounds global customer portfolio, we produce only high quality product. Now we will turn our years of manufacturing experience into e-commerce business, delivering the products directly from the producer to the hands of the customers.

Heartful Twist as a global sales network.

Heartful Twist is a marketplace where people around the world connect, make, sell and buy unique goods. The heart and soul of Heartful Twist is our global community: the creative entrepreneurs who use Heartful Twist to sell what they make or curate, the shoppers looking for high quality products, the manufacturers who partner with Heartful Twist to help them grow, and the Heartful Twist employees who maintain and nurture our marketplace.

Heartful Twist provides:

  1. Seamless online shopping experience;

  2. Logistic solution & overseas warehouse;

  3. Network to high ranking overseas online sellers;

  4. Sales channel in different countries for more user-friendly access